"Love this podcast. I have read a lot of books & I have listened to a lot of speeches & quite frankly I haven’t found many podcasts that truly feed my soul and give me a new perspective. This secluded thoughts podcast is my all time favorite; I receive so many “aha moments” from tuning in."

— nelli_jae, apple podcasts

behind the mic

Meet Your Host

I grew up in Saint Lucia and moved to Atlanta, GA when I was 16. I never knew what my purpose was growing up and found myself drifting through life and always trying to play it safe and do what others expected of me. But when I was 20 years old, I started getting closer to God and learning to follow the plan HE laid out for me. 

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Journals to help you become the best version of yourself

The perfect journals to help you reflect on your life and relationships and get clarity on what the best version of yourself looks like.

Reflect on where you are in your life right now and how you got there then make a plan to improve.

Reflect on your relationships with your family, friends, and significant other and learn how you can improve them.

Your new confidant to help you vent through the things you need to heal from.