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How many times have you set goals for yourself and nothing ever happens to them? Are you making false promises to yourself? Stop waiting for things to just happen. Stop disappointing yourself. Take these 5 actionable and practical steps today, to make that happen. 

Tune in to learn how to move away from wishful thinking and start creating the reality you have been anticipating for too long now. 



  • [00:01] Episode overview: 5 step process to accomplish your goals
  • [01:43] Step 1: Having an identity shift (how to make your words and actions match your goals)
  • [05:16] Step 2: Pro tips to create an effective vision board (3 vision board mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them)
  • [11:54] Step 3: A technique to hold yourself accountable
  • [17:24] Step 4: The top 3 method (you’re probably checking the wrong things off your to do list)
  • [23:00] Step 5: Schedule a time, date, and place to accomplish each task
  • [27:00] Recap of all 5 steps that help you actually stick to your goals


Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • Your words must match your goals. For example: if you want to start waking up early and being productive in the morning, say that you are a morning person. 
  • A vision board helps you visualize your goals. 
  • Customize your vision board to be tailored to YOU: for example, Photoshop yourself into images of where you want to be. 
  • Make sure your vision board is focused on the current year. 
  • Don’t put too many quotes or words on your vision board. 
  • Think, feel, and act, in alignment of what you want to achieve. 
  • Set recurring meetings with yourself and track your progress against the goals you identified in your vision board. This trains you to remain accountable to yourself. 
  • 80% of the progress you will make is accomplished by 20% of the work you do. 
  • Pick 3 tasks per day/week that will make you feel accomplished at the end of the day/week, and make them the priority for the day/week. 
  • You can get an accountability partner to hold you accountable to your goals so that you make sure that you actually stick to them. 


Resources Mentioned

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear


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