• How Perfectionism is Killing Your Dreams

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    Perfectionism is the one thing that holds a lot of people back, including myself.

    Because I’ve struggled with it in various aspects of my life I’m going to share some of these experiences with you, as well as what you should focus on instead if you struggle with perfectionism.

    Perfectionism may look like excessively planning out an idea that you have instead of taking action. You may obsess over how your end product is going to look and the process of getting it done and you waste valuable time trying to plan everything out when you could be making progress by taking action.

    In my experience – things never work out the way you initially intend for it to work out.

    You may have an idea of what you want things to be like but once you start you’ll realize that you’ll probably have to pivot along the way as your business/project grows.


    Perfectionism is really just procrastination..

    I heard someone say this in a motivational video and I was immediately triggered. Because there was some truth to it.

    Sometimes we’re so afraid of starting something we spend days, weeks or even months planning it out to give us a false sense of control and progress.

    But we’ll never see real progress until we actually start and create momentum. 


    Pace yourself. Don’t take on too much all at once.

    In my obsessive planning for the perfect podcast I tried to take on too much in the beginning. Before I even published my first episode I was thinking of my social media strategy and growing an Instagram + adding a blog and monetizing my content.

    Crazy right? I had nothing published yet!

    All this does is get you overwhelmed before you even begin. And in reality you may not even need to be present on as many social media platforms as you thought or use certain monetization methods. 

    You won’t know until you actually start!


    Here’s what to do instead

    I had an epiphany shortly before I recorded my first episode:

    Focus on providing value instead of creating an aesthetic.

    Focus on why you want to start this business/new project and the value you can provide to your target audience instead of creating a brand aesthetic or growth strategy before you even have any content.

    Don’t worry about a brand photoshoot, or a perfectly designed professional website.

    Just start, provide value, and tweak as you go.


    But I don’t have any confidence?

    If you wait for confidence to start something you’ll never start.

    The way you build confidence is by taking small steps toward your goal and making progress until it grows.

    That’s when your confidence starts to grow because now you can say, hey, I now have a small business doing ‘xyz’ or now I have a podcast with a whole season out and 1000 downloads. 

    It’s taking those steps in faith and trusting the process, adding value, and remembering your why that eventually makes you proud of yourself and as a result, builds confidence.


    Now, think about this..

    When you started following your favorite influencer at the beginning of their career, you followed them because of the value they provided to you. You were there for the entertainment, knowledge, encouragement, etc that they provided – not because they had a fancy website.

    This enables the influencer’s/business owner’s reach/customer base to grow organically and then they invest in a professionally designed website, virtual assistants/employees, and visual branding.


    Focus on creating valuable content

    People are not going to stay for the aesthetic!!

    As long as you’re providing value to your audience, you will grow organically a lot faster.

    People will naturally want to share your content because it helps them and could help others that they know.


    So take some of that pressure off of yourself. 

    Don’t worry about getting 6 different revenue streams before you’ve managed to maintain 1.

    Don’t worry about having a presence on every social media platform.

    Don’t worry about adding a blog if it’s not necessary to provide value to your customers.

    If you try to do too many things in the beginning and all at once you will get overwhelmed.


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